St Judes Church

A Brief History

The history of St Judes Church, Assisi Nagar all started in the year 1966 when the Franciscans from the parish of Madhavaram, stepped forward to provide shelter and living to the poor repatriates from Burma and Sri Lanka. About 21.99 acres of land was purchased through ‘Caritas of India’ and the then Parish Priest, Rev Fr Ignatius OFM was given the responsibility to allot the plots. This area was named as Assisi Nagar.

As the Franciscans were concentrating more on their own Mission, Rev Fr Kurian Thomas of Caritas took over the responsibility. From 1975 people started populating into Assisi Nagar. Many being Catholic Families, people put up a small thatched Church and initially called it as the Church of St Jude Thaddeus. Rev Fr James Victor OFM offered the First Mass in Assisi Nagar.   Read more...


St. Jude Thaddeus Feast July 2018

St. Jude, known as Thaddaeus, was a brother of St. James the Less, and a relative of Our Saviour. He was one of the 12 Apostles of Jesus and his attribute is a club. Images of St. Jude often include a flame around his head, which represent his presence at Pentecost, when he accepted the Holy Spirit alongside the other apostles. Another attribute is St. Jude holding an image of Christ, in the Image of Edessa.

Sometimes he can also be seen holding a carpenter's ruler or is depicted with a scroll or book, the Epistle of Jude. Biblical scholars agree St. Jude was a son of Clopas and his mother Mary was the Virgin Mary's cousin. Ancient writers tell us that he preached the Gospel in Judea, Samaria, Idumaea, Syria, Mesopotamia, and Lybia. According to Eusebius, he returned to Jerusalem in the year 62, and assisted at the election of his brother, St. Simeon, as Bishop of Jerusalem. Reaching St Jude's Church

St Jude's Church - Feast 2018

St Jude's Church - Feast 2018

St Jude's Church - Feast 2018